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Esther Pharmacy, Inc. is a leading pharmacy and convenient store located on South Broadway in Yonkers, New York. Our customer-centered services make us the first option of families who are looking for a trusted pharmacy they can always rely on.


Esther Pharmacy, Inc. offers a wide array of high-quality medical supplies and equipments. We have vitamins, home medical supplies, baby items, pain relievers, cold and flu medicines, durable medical equipments and over-the-counter drugs. Rest assured that all our products are of quality and effective in meeting your specific pharmaceutical needs.

Because we want you to have the best customer service experience, we only employ friendly, attentive and dedicated pharmacists. They are all professionals and experienced in providing you with quality pharmaceutical services. Aside from that, to receive helpful information about your medication, we offer consultations with one of our licensed pharmacists.

Let Esther Pharmacy, Inc. provides all your medical and pharmaceutical needs.

If you have inquiries about our services and products, kindly give us a call at 914-965-2661. You may also set an appointment with one of our pharmacists. Just visit our Set An Appointment page.
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